Monday, May 26, 2008

Posting a letter - No big deal!!!

Even though it would look weird it’s true that I have never posted a letter for last 6 years. To save paper and nature I always prefer e-mail to a paper mail. A week ago I had to post an application form over speed post from Chennai to Jaipur. Yea, it was indeed a herculean task to post a letter from a post office. Without much more boring pre-conditions I am getting into the blunder I have done.

I filled up the application form, attached necessary certificates, took the demand draft(it is another story) and done all necessary things to get the application accepted and set the heading to Thiruvanmiyoor post office. I could somehow manage to find the post office and I rushed in to post the letter and the time was 3:50PM. I could see a board “Speed post” written in white color on a blue background. I told them I want to post an application form to Jaipur and they asked me to weigh the material first. So I went to the weighing counter and gave the application form to see the lady at that counter looking me like an alien. I knew I never comb my hair properly and I look somewhat weird but still I look like a brave man ;)!!! The lady stood and gave the application form to me and told “Go, put it in a cover before you post” and I got frozen. SHIT, I didn’t even put all the papers in a cover!!! I located a nearby stationary shop, bought a big cover and put all those papers into it and made glue effect all over. I headed back to post office and got the cover weighed. After weighing I gave it to the speed post counter and now this lady is looking me like an Alien. Shit man!!! What is wrong this time? I asked myself to find no answers. That lady gave back the cover and asked me for the address to make myself clear that I haven’t written the address!!! God, how can you do this to me?

It was really painful to realize I have got myself screwed up by putting all papers including the one with address in the cover that I already glued. Now the only go is to get address from website and I called one of my friends to get it. I wrote the whole address without making a single mistake and rushed to the speed post counter to myself realize the time is 4:35 and they stop the speed post at 4. But I don’t know why (may be because she know I am actually a clever man) that lady helped me by posting the letter after the working time of the counter. After all the sweating I rescued myself from all the horrible post office work and prayed – “God no more post office drama please”.