Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In Venus you don't need eyes, and in Mars you even need night vision!

I was lazy before I got married. And after wedding what happened? I got even more lazy. Is it the same thing that happen to every lazy guy?

After wedding it's like,

The bottles are filled with water automatically! No clue where it come from...
The home is dustless without doing anything..
That right side drawer will have the t-shirts to wear when I go out and the left side drawer will have clothes to wear at home :-)

I'm sure if you go to Venus, you don't need eyes. You can pick up anything without searching for it!

And like that one day my Venus gets a call letter from a company in Bangalore and we decide to take up the offer. And now Venus leave to Bangalore and I'm here in Chennai.

All of a sudden my home got shifted to Mars! And it's like, no drinking water at home, there is dust everywhere! There is my socks lying in every corner of my home, I get some fun in removing the socks and throwing it here and there! Every Drawer's got everything! From underwear to shirt to pant to Jean to what not...

And it was going smooth like that, and in the middle of all these shit, one day my body acts funny.. Some 102 odd number in the thermometer.. Chennai was in winter!!! And there was some odd stupid problem for my lips... Middle of the night I gets up and I know that Vaseline lipbalm in the right most side of the center column of the drawer.

So effing lazy me, gets up and go to the drawer forgetting the Mars effect, search in the dark for the vaseline tube, picks it up and tries to apply it on the lips... Why the hell nothing is coming out of the tube?

When something don't work, the first thing that come to my mind is that old radio trick.. When it's not working beat it until it work idea.. With all the anger and power I squeeze the tube and suddenly a tasteless liquid gets sprayed everywhere in my mouth and teeth and lips... Ah!

It's damn Fevicol, not the vaseline tube... I just don't know in what state of my mind I kept that Fevicol in the medical tray... Lazier me had stopped brushing in the night after Venus left! But in the middle of the night that day I promise that I brushed, gargled and even thought about washing my mouth with that Garnier face wash!

And then I realized two things...

One, In Venus you might even not need eyes... But in Mars you even need night vision!
Two, Fevicol is good for removing the nasal block, and taking down the fever. My fever went down to 99 after this mess! And my nose was wide open!

And a photo for all morons who's gonna say Fevicol and Vaseline can be touch detected uniquely...