Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bon jour!

Indeed it's long time since I wrote something... Reason for this long gap is just that I don't have enough time to write down the blunders I make these days... And with no more introduction let me get into the matter!

These are the days with lots of people from Europe coming for our CTC parties. And most of them are somehow French... Okey, so I have a couple of known guys in there from the French gang and I thought why don't it surprise them with a little French next time! Ones a decision reached, screw up! I'm always good in keeping my moto and more good in making sure I screw up everytime...

Keeping it short, this time it was a well party, swimming with snakes in a well of Tambaram, Chennai. As always I was there on time, just 1 hour late, for the well party with no alcohol! And in my mind I kept saying to me, you say "bon jour" to French guy you see! And I walked in to the crowd, excited to see all those friends and a gang of my known French friends standing! I was sure that is the best time to say bon jour to one of the guy! I shaked hands with one whom I'm seeing for the first time and said "bon jour!". And I expected some reply back in French but he replied to me in plain good English! "I'm German!!!" And there ended the use of unknown languages to the people whom you never met before! I'm serious, its not really easy to differentiate between French and German's by looks, especially for an Indian!