Thursday, February 17, 2011

Journey to the center of Subway waste-box

Last year was better with not so many humiliating occasions. But this year is just too bad. And the saddest thing is it's just February. By the way I love February for the fact that it has less days, but same salary... May be they should have many more Februaries every year and no leap years ever.

Was I spoiled by the people who always took care of my carelessness? Who used to say "Write the answer for that last question, why you left that? - Teachers at exam halls" "Amal, your mobile is on the table pick it up" and many many of these. I don't know but I tried my best to avoid these things from happening.

I eat Subway for lunch these days so that I don't put so much of weight ;-). And like that today I was in Subway at Wallace Garder 2nd Street. You bet, those Subway guys might mostly not forget this stupid me for the rest of their life. Not just them, the guests there too..

Going to the ATM is last thing I want to do, so I pay with my card at every possible occasions. And today I payed my bill and they gave back the the credit card. Being so hungry I just left the card in the tray and ate my sub. My memory is so damn short-term. I can't just figure out why but even if I think I must remember something, I cannot.

Ate the sandwich and then to show off as a good guy I took that tray and dumped the waste to that box where they wrote don't put the tray inside. Hell, right when I'm dumping I see my credit card going with that mustard sauce drops and with some left out capsicums to the waste box.

And to hell with it, I don't know where did that stupid reflex come from... I damn put my hand inside the waste box through that hole to pick up the card but still no luck. I've no clue for this silly thing, why the entire people sitting there is looking me like an Alien.

Huh! That Platinum HDFC card which I must say went to the best place that it could, had to be retrieved back. Of no choice I called the Subway guy and they asked me to wait. They opened the box, and there it is! My platinum card with some mustard and south west sauce!

Trust me, I wont do it again! I asked the subway guys, please change that sticker from "Dont dump the tray inside" to 'Dont dump your credit card inside". But sweet of you subway guys! And really sorry to all who had to wait for the entire credit card retrieval process to dump their waste.

Never again god, never again....

Monday, February 7, 2011

To that chick with the Scientific Calculator!

Exam days. I'm damn lucky that BITS only let me pay twice an year, or else all my entire earnings would have gone on my supplementary exams. Oh this ever going BS... Or this never ending BS...

This educational system is something which I never understood. You pay the institute every penny they ask, and they just fail you over and over, again and again! How the damn can a business run this way?

The exam day came, and in the morning I realized that I can't find the hall ticket anywhere. And there is no printer at home. No I must say that after the last repairing stint the printer's soul is there everywhere.

So I went to the Internet Cafe and took the print out of the hall-ticket and came back home. For some innocent reason, each time I go the internet cafe the haunting memory of come to my mind... Oh those days ;-)

And when the exam was nearing that inner feeling came to my mind, shall I write this or shall I write the make up exam 2 weeks later... But anyway my wife decided that I'm writing the regular exam this time and the paper was DBMS. I went to the school to write the exam on Saturday afternoon.

I didn't take a calculator this time because in DBMS only math you need to do is some basic operations. And I got the question paper and I smiled at it. Like always, it never smiles back... And there was that problem in the book with some disk blocks and sectors and what not! Somebody did tell me that the valuation is liberal so if you write some junk and you might get lucky...

Kept that in my mind I thought I'll have some fun with those numbers. I still remember the biggest number in that question was some one and a half million or so. And now I need to divide it with 512. So I wrote that division thing to realize that I've forgotten how to divide with that reminder and putting something on top and all that...

Yeah, opportunity. It's everywhere. I was just waiting for it. There was a beautiful young lady sitting next to me writing her MS exam on software systems! With a smiling face I borrowed her calculator and she was quite impressed the way I borrowed it, I believe.

Now I am feeding in the calculator and the zero button in the calculator isn't giving a zero. First I pressed it soft couple of times... Then I pressed it a little harder few times and yeah, there was a little noise that time.. She just had a look at me and I gave a smile again. Damn zero is just not coming... I gave the calculator a few hits and that horrible invigilator who didn't let me use my mobile to search wiki was giving a strange look this time.

I lost all the passion on that girl who gave me this calculator without zero. I gave her back the calculator and said to her with a little attitude, there aint any zero in the calculator...

And guess what she advices "ah, you wanted zero uh? Press that . button for zero and zero button for the . " Damn, I aint study for 007 to shit with the dick and pee with the asshole... But anyway I kept cool, at-least the girl is beautiful ;-)

Now it's the testing time for Kirchhoff and Thevnin and "vm Sin omega t"... March 13th I'm giving one more stress test to electrical...