Monday, June 9, 2008

Yea, Ants eats Strepsils

I am sure you all know Strepsils kills the goddamn animals in the throat and clears the throat pain. Those people have a very funny design of their tablets by putting 2 tablets to each strip. You open one strip, eat the first one, keep the second one, and eat it later. Yea, it’s a good productive idea to save the earth out of plastic.

Last Thursday morning I thought why I should eat this tablet only when I have a severe throat pain, I will have it now and then so that even if some small infection comes in the throat let it go before it pains. So Thursday morning I had one Strepsil before leaving to office and kept the one back at home. And I was travelling on that Thursday to home sweet home. After enjoying Friday, Saturday and Sunday at home I made it back to Chennai and reached home at Chennai by morning 9:45.

Being a hygienic man I started to wash myself up after brushing. So I took a long shower by thinking about the chicken and fishes dead for me to eat last weekend at home. Mamma always used to tell me that I must towel my hair properly so that I don’t get fever and I always takes my mamma’s words. After cleaning the water from body and dressing up I felt like there is some trouble at the back and something is itching. I went and took darmi cool to paint my back with white powder. When I was doing that I felt there is something attacking confidential locations and suddenly all over the body started itching. I took the shirt off to see what is happening and got frightened by seeing the number of Ants on my body.

I looked the towel I used and understood it was occupied with full of ants. I ran back to the bathroom and stood in the shower again for long time without thinking anything other than how to kill all the ants at my hair and body. After killing everything intelligently I went back to the room to see what went wrong, and found those Ants came to eat the strepsils. I couldn’t breathe seeing that!

After eating the toxic Strepsils also ants are not dying. Or else I even doubt those ants might have just had strepsils and it would die so soon. Anyway be sure on one thing. Don’t keep the strepsils cover open because bloody ants don’t die quick. And if you keep the strepsils open be sure you don’t keep it close to your towel. Ants can really screw you up. The only way to rake revenge is by finding and killing each ant on your body, again be careful to kill carefully not to screw yourself up again. Yea, it is an ecstasy killing an ant that bit you! I am a non vegetarian!!!