Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Me, Myself and I

Do you think I would ever dare to write about my feelings and stupid dreams here? I would rather make a new blog for that and bore you all by writing about my first perfect date that never happened, about my first crush that was at 3rd standard and what else from a bachelor like me who is still a virgin! But Still ;)... When Sandeep Unnimadhavan told me about filling some I's and posting it I took it positively and posted that here.

I am: happy for what I am and never try to change me.

I think: the life is a dream from heaven and it ends when you wake up there. So I dare to dream a lot.

I know: that the road that I travel is not always to the right place but I believe even the wrong road will eventually take me to right place.

I want: to have another life with no commitments so that I need not have to make people miss me when I am lost.

I have: some good habits along with 1000 bad habits which no one will ever realize.

I wish: if I could make so much money so that I can build home for each family in slums.

I hate: sentiments and even more the sentiments being shared.

I miss: my college days & my school days when I never had to think about the stupid rights and wrongs, the stupid dos and don’ts.

I fear: for the dark days of my life when the god will hate me, when the god will punish me, when my friends will blame me.

I feel: like walking in the rain by holding my sweetheart's hands firmly.

I hear: the whistling sound of bamboo on a gentle breezy day.

I smell: the soil right after the starting of rain on a hot and summer day.

I crave: to have my sweetheart close to me by distance. For being with her most of the time.

I search: for loneliness when I am too sad.

I wonder: why god made me a human rather than an eagle and made me down at earth with no wings.

I regret: myself for hurting people without my knowledge.

I love: something which I have never found and for which I am in search for.

I ache: for the ones who doesn't have home, for ones who doesn't have food.

I care: about all around me so that nothing goes wrong to them and especially my family.

I am not: a saint but just a count.

I believe: in god for what he has not given me.

I dance: in the pub after having booze.

I sing: when I walk in heavy rain so that no one hears and I can sing loud.

I cry: when I see kids - working in hotels, roaming in slums, starving because of no food

I don't always: smile even though you never saw me crying.

I fight: with no one except some fight for fun with my sweetheart.

I write: for my memories and for fun.

I win: when no one loses.

I lose: when nothing goes right.

I never: pray for my good.

I always: tries real hard.

I confuse:
between the prepositions in grammar.

I listen: to summer of 69 when I feel I am growing too fast.

I can usually be found: laughing for no reason.

I am scared: about hearing truths. Truths were always painful for me.

I need: to be careful when I do wrong things.

I am happy about: the lies I told to make people happy.


സന്ദീപ്‌ ഉണ്ണിമാധവന്‍ said...

I win & I am happy about is my pick :) nice one, amal and thanks for doing it

Amal P said...

thanks sandeep for this nice idea. I loved it.

♪♪ ::Jithu:: ♪♪ said...

Hi amal..
Very good one.. totally different one.. really loved it.. keep blogging :)

Sheetal said...

amal this is completely different and gud one...Amal's blog without the word "BRAVE" ....keep up the gud job...happy blogging

Black Scorpio said...

Such profound thoughts, but for the 'eagle' one, I jus want to say that - birds are also tied to the skies
They must be wishing that they didn't have to fly all the time, wishing for legs with which they could dance, swim, sit, stretch etc.
Jus a thought! wat do u hav to say abt this??

Amal P said...

@black scorpio,

But when I am tired of walking, tired of dancing its something big to dream about :).. To have wings to fly...