Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Walking with a bicycle!!!

The necessity of walking with a bicycle arrives with the carelessness in keeping a key safe. To make the idea simpler I would rephrase it like; when you lose the key you might have to carry the bicycle home at hand. One day in front of Akhiabara station I kept my bicycle and went to office by train. It was a Friday and as usual I put my hands to the jean pocket to take out the key in a very casual manner. And I could find only my towel and purse inside jeans pockets. It’s a Friday eve and I want to go for a party to drink orange juice, pineapple juice, grape juice etc. So I just put that bicycle at the station and walked to apartment.

The next day morning was at afternoon since I woke up at 1pm. Oh my god I have a goddamn headache because of over juice consumption but I know the trick is to bath. I took bath 3 times and the headache was still on. It is Saturday and I have to go for shopping. When I thought of going for shopping the first thing flashed through the mind was the bicycle at station. There is no way to do shopping without that bicycle. So I masterminded a plan with all the kind of brainstorming to bring bicycle back home. It was a great plan and I myself thought how ideological I am. The idea was simple. I will go to the station lift the bicycle’s back tires and walk with the front tire kissing the road. Then I can easily cut of break the lock and ride it again.

So I put my jean and t-shirt on and rushed to the station. I spotted the bicycle and made sure it is mine. Everything was fine as planned except a kind of change happened in the destination. Instead of apartment I am at police station now. And I did not worry because I know I am a brave man and I should not get worried with such simple matters. I explained everything to them and they looked my like an Alien. Yea, they might have thought which language I was speaking. They called for translator and got things done. She was a beautiful chick and I wanted her to translate more and more and I made a long speech. After everything was explained they understood how innocent I am and they asked me for some contacts from my office. To make them feel I am a big shot I just gave them my president’s card. So they called him up and talked and I thought what a great negotiator my president is. He made me leave in 2 minutes. Now they are telling me they will drop me home and I am a lazy guy to walk and accepted that offer open-heartedly. After 10 minutes I got a call from our president and I asked him what kind of a magic he did. He told them I am an Indian and it is normal to happen. The biggest funny part is yet to follow. President asked me did I tell a big thank you to them or I just walked off. He wanted to have good relations with them because he is sure Indians will again make problems and it should be easy for him to take us out. I felt it so bad because I didn’t tell even a thank you.

So I made a good decision that I am going to the police station and telling those guys a thank you. So I just walked back to the station and time was nearly 7:30. I just walked in to see there was no one whom I knew and I understood the shift have changed. I never though I walked into trouble again. They started questioning me and they needed a translator again. It was a man this time to translate and all my hopes got burned. But I explained everything to him and he done his job. It was a goddamn laughing sound inside the station and I thought what did go that funny? Even now I think what did go wrong to make such laugh?


Jack_n_Jill said...

Nee indiakare parayippikkum .. cycle nnullathu bicycle ennakkiyaal nannakille?

Amal P said...

Done :). I am a malyalee.. I wear a thin lunkee :).. I call people chettaa :)

Sushi said...

Entho, enik chirivannila.... ennalum ninte tholikatti abinadharham thanne!