Thursday, April 17, 2008

Yea, I know Hindustan Latex. And I will never forget!!!

In my past life I have never seen any of the products from Hindustan Latex. But the company Hindustan Latex is unforgettable for me in my life span. Yea, this too is a moment of blunder. My previous office was located at Trivandrum; the capital city of Kerala; Kerala a state in India. I am not dragging you to more geography, but I can’t forget to tell you this incident happened at Bangalore. I was there at Bangalore for some goddamn reason that you don’t even care.

I am telling those stupid moments without more introductions. I was there at Bangalore on a sunny Friday of April 31st. I just board in a bus and sat at a perfect seat near to the window hoping some hot chick will come and sit to my left. All of a sudden a man came and sat with me and I doubted is that stupid a gay. Almost all seats are free and why did he come and sat with me. Even I thought of changing the seat but my good manners didn’t allow me to do so. With all the burned hopes I looked out of the window to see beautiful city.

Oops!!! All of a sudden the guy started talking to me and I thought why can’t he see my pink nose with full of anger to him. Again my manners made me talk to him as softly as I could and he asked me where I am working. I never lies when it is useless and I told him Trivandrum; the capital city of Kerala; Kerala a state in India – Is the place where I am working. Then for a formality I just asked him where is he working and I got the name of Hell, Trivandrum. The discussion continued and he told me he is working at Hindustan Latex and I felt like I familiar name. My prejudice never let me tell “I don’t know that company” and I replied, Yea, I know Hindustan Latex well. Then he told they sell a lot of their product at Technopark(location of my office those days). And I replied with all ease; “Yea obviously you are right, we gusz buys all the good branded stuff and I am sure your brand value would be great at Technopark”. My pride always made me talk as if I am an expert in statistics and I always knew the market. I added, “Some of my friends were telling your brand is worth for the money you take” since I hardly know a business man who would oppose that statement. I got flattered by thinking about my talking style and how easily I am dealing with something which I am not even heard of.

Luckily before more questions being asked about the review of their product my destination arrived and I just left the bus. But I was really curios to know what product have lots of sales at Technopark and I hardly know. It didn’t take so long to reach my friend’s home and I wanted to check my mail. Straight away I googled Hindustan Latex and I was shocked. My Gosh, they makes condom!!! I could hardly breathe of thinking what foolishness I have done with all my great creative passionate brain.


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna remove you from all the social networking sites.. @ d earliest

Amal P said...

for what?? not knowing Hindustan latex uh??

Sushi said...
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Sushi said...

You should find some time to read these portals also along with your technical updates.

I don't want you to comment on my comment :)