Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bullet, NO if you go home late!

---*Everything below is a fiction*---

Keeping it short, I promise. A month back a friend of mine left to France. With couple of my other friends, I went to MAA( For people who don’t know what is the code of Madras Airport, it is MAA ) to see of him off… His Emirates flight was at morning 3.30 for which he went inside airport at 2 after bidding adieu.

After that my friends dropped me at home around 3am. It’s a lady staying alone in the house opposite to mine (don’t misunderstand me here). I’m not going to describe about her like Sidney Sheldon describing females in his “different fictions with same stories”. But it’s just too hard to tell you that in my opinion she is a little pshyc( I didn’t say psych )!

Hard luck, my friend was little thirsty, so I took water and came down to road… I’m not saying a lie, but we talked for sometime about all the important things in the world like, if Telungana needs to be created or why wouldn’t India help Afghanistan by sending in military troops, or why wouldn’t our government legalize prostitution…

By this time, I saw the lights at opposite house getting turned on! I know things are going to be stupid now, and asked the guys to leave immediately! I pity that move by the neighbor, so that we couldn’t make the most worthy decision which was about legalizing prostitution, but we have already decided about Telungana and to send Indian Army to Afghanistan!

I ran back to home and slept! No almost slept, and I’m hearing some discussions and whistle from outside home which called my attention. I’m not a guy with fear who doesn’t interfere in the social issues, I ran down! There is couple of police guys there in front of the house talking to the female at opposite house, and things was very clear for me! It feels terrible to understand that you were the anti-social element that caused the police’s whistle to blow!

The police guy is asks the lady “Where did the bullet sound come from?” and she replies, “Right in front of the house, here on the road”!!! Police guy looked terrified! I’m not getting a clue why is he so worried! Then he questions me about the authenticity of the claim by the women about the Bullet sound! I said it calmly (What mistake have I done?), “Yea, 15 minutes before it was, It was my friend!” He looks like fully confused with my claim!

God, even in my dream I never thought police can be this stupid! Shit, the female called the police and told there is a bullet sound from in front of our house and police thought it was somebody firing a revolver. My dear Police guys, in India bullet is also a bike which makes heavier sound than most of the modern pistols! Before you turn on that panic button and declare emergency, think a little! They’ve run to check the bullet sound, stupidity!


Anonymous said...

this is why i keep saying bullet shud be banned ;-)

btw ... let us know when that all important last decision is taken :)

Siri said...

Hey nice one man...
Very hilarious..
Be cautious with your friend in front of your house