Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Global warming, think out of the box! – HOW TO SAVE EARTH?

(A different analysis)

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Did you guys ever imagine why did Copenhagen summit failed? Last two days I’ve been under lots of stress brainstorming about how we would keep our planet safe from global warming. And my efforts never failed, ask my boss! I’ve found a very clever and practical solution for it.

There is only one theory which could save us from this goddamn furious sun, even though I don’t know for what bloody reason it’s too bright recently! Let us do some study here.

Why is it so hot?

It’s very hot because of sun cycles. It means that sun doesn’t burn and produce stable temperature all the time. Occasionally burning rate goes up and down and could even have an ice age anytime. This is the key reason that everyone is missing…

And what do we do about it?

The only way to get rid of something is, by throwing it away, hiding you from it or by you moving away from it. So this leaves us three options.

1. Move the sun a few miles.

I know it’s kind of tough thing to do… Very hot a thing, even if we send a rocket it might mostly turn into plasma nearing miles from sun. And if we manage to move also, the whole solar system might collapse which might be ridiculous. Possibly this is one of the toughest option. Let’s be pessimistic here. We decide, we can’t move sun.

2. Hiding earth

Imagine if we could hide half of the sun. We need something really huge to hide sun! The only way in which we could do this might be by moving Jupiter in the middle of earth and sun and putting it in a clever axis so that it does revolve around sun at the same speed as earth do and by forming a straight line between Earth, Jupiter and Sun. I agree, it’s not easy to move Jupiter because there is a severe chance that we might hit Mars when we try to move Jupiter and even there is a serious probability that we could become a Moon of Jupiter! So let’s don’t try this either.

3. The fallback option – Move earth!

Yes, one thing we could do is to move our earth little away from sun. Isn’t it a possible idea? This could fix every problem because of sun cycles… When it’s an ice age we will go near to Venus and when we see it’s too warm we move earth near to Mars! Guys, this is the only way in which we could save our children and grandchildren. Now let us leave these sentiments and think technical here… How could we move our beautiful earth a little away from sun?

On top of my head, there are two simple practical ideas! How does a rocket carry a space craft? The same principle can be utilized to take earth to a different orbit! Now it’s just physics and Math, don’t say it’s impossible… We just need enough energy to move… Come on guys, don’t say we have no energy here, E = mc2 was not just to bomb Nagasaki… It’s something which we could probably achieve in some 20-30 years of research, a rocket to adjust Earth’s orbit!

Or else what would we do? We would need someone to pull us away, isn’t it? Why wouldn’t we make a tight binding molecular substance based rope, and tie our earth to Jupiter’s Equator? It’s for sure that you are going to be dragged close to Jupiter inch by inch as Jupiter rotate! And we would just disconnect it and probably even drag back the long rope to earth and reuse it next time! Can’t we build such a tight binding molecular substance based rope in next 30 years? At least in next 50 years? Let’s be proactive here!

And now I’m sure you know what we could do when it’s too cold…

Simpler life… Better industrialization… Of course we’ll not cut Amazon, still! And no more Copenhagen!


CrazyAnagh said...

LMAO!!!Nice one...

Ansar said...

Hey ..good one dear

Amal P said...

Thanks Ansar!!

Swapna Elizabeth said...

That was hilarious! How could you think of such ideas? Gosh!! May be you can send this to APJ. Who knows? They mite even give u a job in ISRO for the next space craft mission. All said for fun, it was a nice read and it was interesting enuf to read till the end! Good work!

Dragonfly said...

Oh! come on man, I am sure there are many other innovative ways you can think of to reduce global warming. I am expecting more from you. I am worried about one thing these days, when I hear about 'global warming' or 'climate change', my blood starts boiling, need to find some 'CFC free' coolant to keep my internal temperature at bay. How about a summit to eradicate poverty or hunger for a change!